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Adult and Youth Morning Workshops

Generally workshops in the morning start after Morning Celebration and are created for adults and high-school aged kids and will be offered while kids 13 and under are doing separate activities with counselors (see Kids). Each year we have different workshops based the gifts that other campers are willing to share! Past workshops have included Mindfulness Meditation, Improv, Transgender Inclusion, Exploring Bitcoin, Journaling, The Weird Stock Market, Writing My Spiritual Journey, Bread Baking, and more! Campers are encouraged to attend any or none of the workshops offered. We want to offer structure for those who want it along with the freedom to enjoy the week however that works best for you and your family. 


Afternoon Activities

Afternoons offer more free time activities with a few structured activities for all ages. Scheduled activities may include tie-dying (the official Bayside uniform!), pontoon rides, a trip to the Eagle's Nest (climbing tower, zipline, and low ropes course).  


Free Time Activities

There are many activities that campers can self-organize throughout the week. Here are a few.

Waterfront Activities

Campers can swim and play on the sand beach during the waterfront's open hours in the afternoon. The swim area offers a gradual decline that is wonderful for the littlest ones and a larger area beyond the dock for more experienced swimmers. Next to the beach is a huge toboggan run that is used as a waterslide into the lake in the summer! There are also canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards available to checkout. All waterfront activities are supervised by a lifeguard.

Craft Room

Throughout the week, we will be using the craft room for a couple specific activities, but some afternoons, the craft room will be open for Baysiders to create on their own with the available materials.

There is a soccer field, disc golf, softball/kickball field, volleyball court, and gaga ball pit right outside of Watson Retreat Center. These are always open for campers to organize games. Please be sure to bring your own balls/discs!

For our young ones, there is a nice backyard playground behind Watson Retreat Center with swings, slides, and a number of other play structures.

Game Room
In the center of camp, one of the buildings has ping pong, air hockey, hoops, and a snack canteen. This will be available to Baysiders most of the day.

While swimming and boating must be done during open waterfront hours, fishing off the dock can be done any time. Most campers like to go early in the morning, but we have a few enthusiastic fishers who have a need for a lot more fishing in their Bayside experience!

Walking Trails
There are a few nature trails throughout camp that are wonderful for a relaxing solitary stroll or a chat with a fellow Baysider.

Board Games and Puzzles
Our community room is generally chalk full of board games and puzzles that Baysiders have brought with them. It's pretty easy to find some willing participants to play.

Near camp, there are a number of bike trails. Campers will often organize a long group ride together or go out on their own.

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