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Bayside is a camp that was founded over 30 years ago in an effort to create a UU camp that includes all ages. We strive to be especially inclusive to children!


Most years, we separate adult and kid time in the mornings with activities that families can do together in the afternoon. A volunteer Bayside camper will lead kids activities with assistance from a Lutherdale counselor. We work with Lutherdale before our camp week to determine the best activities and age groups for the kids that we have in the group. Possible activities include field games, farm time, arts and crafts, and nature hikes. You are welcome to decide your plan day by day, and all children's activities and supervision are included in your Bayside fees.


High-School Aged Youth

Our high-school aged youth get both options! They are welcome to join the kids in morning activities (some teens enjoy helping the littlest kids feel included) or come to the adult workshops. Teens at Bayside are given what teens like most - independence and the freedom to make choices, which sometimes means just bonding with their teen friends, playing games, and hanging out in the hammocks. Depending on registration numbers and interest, we may have a more structured youth discussion group offered in the mornings.

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